Manny being Manny never felt so good

His career batting average in the ALDS is 223. He hasn’t had a walk off homer in the post season for ten years but tonight Manny came through when we really needed it.

After Lugo got a hit, Ortiz was walked on purpose. Manny was next. With two outs Manny came up to bat and things were not looking good. Face it we know of Manny’s talent but anyone that thought this was the guy to have at the plate when you need to win is lying through their teeth but Manny did it. He hit the ball right over the green monster and the team crowded him at home plate.

What else is there to say.?

Oh I know. Francona got lucky. After Dice struggled and was taken out 4.2 innings into the game, Javy Lopez, Manny Delcarmen, Okajima and Jonathon Papelbon all pitched into the 9th when Manny came through but if Manny had not come through that would have left Just Eric Gagne and Jonathon Lester in the bull pen (Schilling and Beckett have already flown out to California) We were very lucky to win this game off an amazing closer in K-Rod. The pitching staff including Dice-K who kept us in the game get the game ball for this win. Francona does not. He was not brilliant. He was lucky.

I would love to say, “Who cares. We won” but that isn’t how I feel. I am glad we won but something about this game scared me when it came to what Francona was doing and the lack of hitting in this series down right scares me to death.

A special extra thanks to the kid in the front row that grabbed the ball in foul territory to stop the Angels player from grabbing the ball. We owe this win to him:)


Yankees lose. Joba wilts under bug pressure and all is right in the world. Oh except the Bruins lost their home opener.


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