The Yankees are not the underdogs.

Reading ESPN and CNNSI you would think the Yankees have no chance of beating the Indians. This is a total ploy by the media to make people think the Yankees have no shot so they can have their angle when they win. It makes them look more sympathetic and in turn sells. This is Alyssa Milano dumb. Earlier this season she was writing a blog for MLB and said she was rooting for the Yankees because they were the Underdogs (against the Red Sox) I mean give me a break. In a related note what is that bimbo doing in Fenway?

Seriously how do you have a healthy 200 million plus dollar payroll and be considered an underdog? The Yankees under achieved most of the year, blamed it on injuries they had the first two months of the season and have done nothing but win for two months straight.

They have 2 proven pitchers going (even if they are old) and their third pitcher had a great year and could get votes for the Cy Young. They also have the best line up in baseball. Their infield overall makes like 400 million dollars and that doesn’t even include the pitcher.

If you want to make the Yankee more sympathetic stop buying A-Rod’s and Giambi’s and start raising Derek Jeter’s in your minor league system because this “poor Yankees” routine put on by the media is about the dumbest angle the media has ever come up with.


God I hate Yankee fans. Some nut caseYankee fan beat up a Boston man in NY because he was a Red Sox fan. In 2004 a Red Sox fan was killed by a Yankee fan from New York living in Boston because he couldn’t handle losing. What the hell is wrong with Yankee fans.? seriously. This is just sick.


Here is another story where a camera man was fired from Yes network because Doug Mientkiewicz can’t walk and look at the same time.



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4 responses to “The Yankees are not the underdogs.

  1. mikevitellaro

    Man, you really are a piece of work. I’ve never had more death threats in my life when the Yanks ALMOST beat the Sox in ’04. It goes both ways. It’s a great rivalry, but some people don’t understand that the rivalry between the fans is (or at least should be) all in good fun.

    Yeah, the Yanks’ payroll is out of control and that reason alone should keep people from ever pinning them as the underdogs. They had the best offense (although sometimes they decided not to show up) this year, but we all know that pitching wins games. Two proven pitchers? Yeah, but they’re past their prime & injured. The only pitcher that had any guts this post season was Pettite, but the Yanks’ hot & cold offense and horrible bullpen (excluding Joba, of course) screwed that game up for him. I don’t agree with calling them underdogs at all, but they definitely had one of the worst pitching staffs in the playoffs this year.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Please don’t even compare actual death to crazy people on the internet. My bet is 100% of them were teenagers.
    Talk to me when a Red Sox fan dies because so far it is the Sox fans getting beat up and killed.

    I have no problem with Steinbrenner buying the players he wants. If others would spend their Steinbrenner lux tax on actual baseball you would see more of this.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. “In 2004 a Red Sox fan was killed by a Yankee fan from New York living in Boston because he couldn’t handle losing. What the hell is wrong with Yankee fans.?”

    This statement is beyond aggravating. Now, if instead of saying “What the hell is wrong with Yankee fans” you had said, “What the hell is wrong with SOME fans”, I’d absolutely agree with you. Hell, these two cases you mention are extremely sick, both the murder and the insane beating. Incomprehensible….

    The fact that you use it though, to prove your statement, “What the hell is wrong with Yankee fans?”, is pretty damn sick as well. You can’t use two psychotic dimwits treacherous actions to justify making a rhetorical question aimed at an entire fan base. There are plenty of Yankee fans who are normal people and aren’t lunatics. Believe me, I know. I am one of them.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Sorry Mike but I have yet to hear of another team beating up fans of a different team except for Yankee fans. I am sure you think there are normal Yankee fans around but I have personally never ran into one. Sorry I am basing my blog on my experiences.

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