Ignorant “Celebrity” sports fans-Updated

 Here is a new article and good for Cleveland for complaining about this. Sorry but Lebron was taunting fans that support him?Seriously how stupid is he.


Anyone surprised Jeter said what he said? Not me. He is such a phony. From his treatment of A-Rod to the way he pretends to tag people when he isn’t even near them to his fist pumps for a freaking third out in the 4th inning. Gag me Cheater Jeter.lol


Tonight Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers sat in the front row of Jacobs field wearing a Yankee’s hat. The admitted band wagon jumper basically gave a middle finger salute to his home state by doing this and you know what his reply was to the media when asked about this.?

“I know a lot of people might not like hearing me say that, but I think everyone knows I’ve been a Yankee fan my whole life,” James told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “They have to deal with it.”

“They have to deal with it” . ? Nice. Class act their band wagon jumper to the fans that pay your salary. (By the way Lebron you were not born in 1996)

Nothing is more obnoxious then Celebrity sports fans that feel the need to show up at other teams ball parks, basketball courts or hockey rinks wearing the hat of the apposing team. I can’t stand Tom Brady because of his two faced hat wearing depending on the state he is in and I can see why it annoys Angels fans to see Ben Affleck sitting front and center at an Angels game wearing a Red Sox hat but at least these guys were not born, raised and currently playing in the state they are telling to F off. How ignorant of the situation you are in Lebron. I am with the fan in this article that wants to sit behind Lebron at a basketball game with a Piston hat. Better off start a Yankees Suck chant at his next game.


Here is another article written by biased ESPN calling admitted bandwagon jumper a “devoted” Yankee fan and making excuses for the stupidity that is now Lebron James. Funny that this die hard Yankee fan took off his Yankee hat when the wheels came off the Yankees band wagon, literally. Yep sounds devoted to me.


Oh and maybe CC Sabathia is just as stupid and ignorant as Lebron James.lol I guess no one playing in Ohio has ever heard the saying ” It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your stupid then to open your mouth and prove it.”



There have been plenty of obnoxious Boston sports “stars” wearing Yankee hats that have had similar fates as Lebron when it came to wearing that hat in Boston. Eric Williams used to ride the bench for the Celtics in early 2000 and was known to wear that hat around Boston bars. Cheater Rodney Harrison wears a Yankee hat in Boston. So does Richard Seymour. Tom Brady pretends he is a die hard Red Sox fan IN Boston. Other wise he is seen all over NY in a Yankee hat. Sigh


An apology to the people in Ohio. This blog comes off a bit mean and I know there are smart people in Ohio. My comments are directed at the idiots that play professional sports and that includes the idiots that I mentioned above that play in Boston.


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