Best team in baseball getting NO respect

When we clinched the Division the other night we were nothing but a link on (Which by the way might be getting in bed with Yes network and then you wonder why Sox fans feel ESPN is biased) thought we were an after thought also. Fox Sports did the same. Tonight when Cleveland lost CNNSI and ESPN have decided that even though we had the best record most of the year that we somehow only won the best record in the AL because Cleveland lost. Their headline read: Cleveland loses, Hands Red Sox Division. Fox has chosen to ignore us altogether. They don’t even mention us winning.

(oh wait they now have us up as this tiny link under a picture)

Sure I have been tough on this team the last month IMO because they deserved it but when the National media ignores the team with the best record overall in baseball you have to wonder why.?


Great article about soccer right here. I am not a huge soccer fan but I know who Brianna Scurry is and I know enough about soccer to tell you Solo should go solo. She has no clue what being a teammate is all about.;_ylt=AtI52zDMwfW5BqCYlluCp7I5nYcB?slug=dw-brianascurry092907&prov=yhoo&type=lgns


Anyone know if the Revolution won tonight?


Last night the Red Sox clinched the division when they won and the Skankees lost. A day late of me being there it was none the less fun to watch. It is too bad Manny, Julio, Tek, Youkilis and Drew didn’t care enough to sit with their teammates and watch the game. While Tek and Youkilis get some credit for coming back to celebrate with their teammates after Baltimore tied it, Drew, Manny and Julio (The 3 guys whose hearts are questioned when they walk instead of run to first base and act like they don’t care) chose to once again prove that they really do not fit on this team. JD was a big hero tonight and he is very appreciated for what he has done for this team the last few weeks but not staying with your team.? I don’t get it.


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One response to “Best team in baseball getting NO respect

  1. nhl2vegas

    As much as I love Manny and his antics, I have to agree that I am chagrined that he didn’t show up for the celebration. Hopefully he’ll shape up in October. Re: JD, he’s not a team player. He’s very much about himself. I’m a Dodger fan, as well as a BoSox fan, and am not impressed with him at all.

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