Red Sox FINALLY win division

It is a game late (I was there last night) but it finally happened. Thanks to old friend Jay Payton (No more booing Jay at Red Sox games) ,Melvin Mora and Mariano Rivera the Baltimore Orioles came back from being down by 3 in the 9th to tie it and then they won it in the tenth on a Melvin Mora bunt that was just perfect:)

Tonight Dice was great. He had a rough time late in the game but he did his job and got out of it and the Red Sox lowered the games to clinch the division to one. Then Baltimore came back and helped us win a division we had led since April 18th.

Congrats to the Red Sox on winning the AL East. They did it. I never doubted them:) (winking smiley icon unavailable)

Turns out it isn’t 1978 after all? How bout that Yankee fans?


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One response to “Red Sox FINALLY win division

  1. I have to admit that I absolutely gave up on the division. Even after 2004 I will never feel like they can actually win something until they already have. I still have nightmares of being “one strike away”.

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