Lead down to 3.5, Mike Lowell wants to be a Yankee. Patriots win and….

First the Red Sox are losing 6-1 with 1 out in the ninth. (It’s over they lost) Mean while the Yankees are winning and Baltimore just left the bases loaded. (They have since done that TWICE) In a matter of seconds the Red Sox lead will be down to 3.5 games and it feels like last night all over again. Don’t worry though because the Red Sox aren’t worried. Maybe it is me but there is a time and a place for dressing up and it isn’t when your team is supposed to be wrapping up a Division.


Oh and advice for Tim Wakefield, R-E-T-I-R-E


Mike Lowell says he would love to be a Yankee next year if it gets that far. He babbled something about ending where he started out BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Now to be fair I don’t remember anything else the article says and I can’t find it online so I won’t call him the hypocritical two faced money grubbing liar that I want to call him right now but if the shoe fits.? In all honesty these comments make me very sad. When I was in Baltimore I made a sign that said, Say no to A-Rod, KEEP Mike Lowell and I dragged that thing to two games in 90 degree weather. I held it up instead of taking pictures. I then left it in a restaurant by accident and re-made the sign again for my Yankee series. I HAD planned on bringing it to my last game at the end of the month. I have since re-thought that. ANYWAY Again maybe it is me but isn’t it better to just shut your mouth and not piss off the fans that adore you then to even answer this question? All I know is that I am not as big of a Mike Lowell fan as I was 6 hours ago. I can’t even stand to look at him now.


I know this blog is getting very bitter and negative and for that I apologize but The Red Sox drive me insane. I was ready to literally just quit watching after last night but here I was tonight back watching them. I must be a gluten for punishment. Right now I do not want to sit through playoff games. It just might be better to let NY have the division and Detroit the wild card. However tomorrow I do reserve the right to change my mind:)


Okay for some fun stuff the Patriots killed San Diego haha. I didn’t hear much of anything out of MR. M.V.P . Maybe he realized his “we would beat New England 9 times out of ten”comments were mathematically impossible after his teams toilet bowl performance last night.

It was nice to see everyone hug our cheating coach:) I love what Teddy Bruschi said about loving the Patriots logo and hating to see it be tainted. He is a true Patriot and I hope he sticks around next year.


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