Red Sox have no hope of winning a World series in 07

I am done. This team has once again quit. If they can’t beat the Yankee pitching how do you expect them to beat Anaheim.

Schilling is done. Face it you are not Roger Clemens. Maybe if you pitched half a season like he does but not a number 1-2-3 or 4 starter anymore.
I am REALLY sick of Jason Varitek leaving men on bases. He twice left the bases loaded the other night. Tonight he left two guys on. Either hit the ball or be number 9 in the batting line up because you have become useless at the plate. He walks in the ninth.

Torre has out classed Francona this series. He has out managed him ten fold.

I am obviously pretty mad about this game tonight and of course I am just writing out of anger but in all honesty I don’t see this team winning the World Series this year. They do not have the hitting and the pitching minus Beckett shows up only half the time. Why get my heart broken again. I am grasping this concept NOW before they try and kill me again in October.

The only people on this team trying are Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett. I am afraid that Mr Clutch is dead.


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One response to “Red Sox have no hope of winning a World series in 07

  1. Remember Yogi Berra? “It ain’t over till it’s over.” I have a horrible feeling he was wrong about that, at least where the Sox are concerned. I’m afraid it’s a case of “feels like deja vu all over again.”

    I hate that!


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