Eric Hinske is my new hero, Celtics fans back on bandwagon, Patriots and…


After Fridays nights debacle of a baseball game (live and in person) I must say Saturday’s game was a joy not to watch. Sorry I refuse to watch Fox games but I really did enjoy Eric Hinske’s run in at the plate with my least favorite Yankee EVER! Jorge Posada. I am so giving him a standing ovation at my next and last Red Sox game for the year.

Jonathon Papelbon has some quotes in the paper about not “mentally” being ready for Friday nights game. All I have to say to that is “How exactly are you not mentally ready for a game that could have helped your team clinch the playoffs?” (Wild Card) Not only that but I actually paid to see you “mentally” ready to pitch if needed and I want my money back for your damn excuses. I’ll tell you what Papelbon. I will forgive you if you win tonight.

The Boston Celtics went from 7th best selling apparel overall to number 1 in a matter of a month. That my friends is “Celtic Nation” jumping back on the bandwagon. I can’t believe Celtics fans still get labeled as loyal. It is a joke.

I just saw a minute of so clip of the so called video gate for the Patriots. The media should have showed the video all along with the discussion because it has to be a joke. You had four Jets guys sitting on the sidelines all making hand gestures. Moving their arms and legs like they lost control of their limbs. There is no way that video could have helped the Patriots win that game. I know Bill Belichick is rumored to be a genius but even he would have trouble in a two hour period deciphering what the heck was going on. Maybe after a few video tapes something could have been figured out but to think that game would have been effected is insane.

Which leads me to the players being involved somehow is what was going on. The Patriots have lost quite a few players in recent years that weren’t too happy about not getting paid. Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Willie McGinnest, Adam Vinatieri etc… to name a few. Wouldn’t you think if this had been going on for a long time that one of these players would have blown the whistle if they knew? Ty Law especially would have been the first to say some thing.(Coincidently that is a list of my favorite Patriots players. Boy do I know how to pick

It is Roger Clemens first time back at Fenway since his standing ovation after he “said” he was retiring. I hope he gets booed and he better. IMO he doesn’t deserve the respect everyone thinks he deserves. He already has an “injury” just in case he doesn’t pitch well.

Curt Schilling needs to step up. The Tigers won today which means if the Yankees lose the Tigers have a 2 game deficit for the Wild Card. I believe they have a series still left between the two teams. How much fun would it be to see NY eliminated from the playoffs? I know the Tigers are an AMAZING team and beating them in the playoffs would be a huge task but I personally can handle losing to the Tigers. I do not want to sit through another 2004. My heart can’t take it. I am not ready for that. If we win tonight the division will be 7 games away. The Wild card (and playoff birth) would be even closer.

I know I said anything but a sweep would be a disappointment and I still feel that way. I might just get over it if we win tonight. I just want to see some fight in this team especially tonight against Roger Clemens. It makes me sick to think NY is trying harder then the Sox and IMO they are. Of course people like Posada, Rivera and A-rod are doing it for their next pay check but the fact is they are still fighting. They know nothing is set in stone.

Last minute thoughts-

:One player that really needs to step up tonight besides Schilling is Jason Varitek. If he leaves the bases loaded again I am going to scream.

: Jacoby Ellsbury needs to be on the playoff roster. This kid is amazing. JD Drew has a seven game hitting streak and he finally showed up when we needed him on Friday night (until the bull pen blew it. I don’t blame JD Drew for striking out when the bases were loaded because the umpires screwed him out of two strikes when he called them balls) but Jacoby has earned his Red Sox shirt and hat and he needs to be on the roster. Even if it means sitting down the 14 million dollar man.

: Lets go Patriots. You need to win tonight and shut up the naysayers. There is a certain big mouth man in San Diego that needs to go down.

:As much as Youkilis’s mouth gets on my nerves we need him. I hope his hand isn’t damaged.

: Boo to the Mets bull pen. They blew a 3-1 lead for Pedro. Who do they think they are the Dodgers? (They have done that to Derek Lowe a lot) Not that I like the Mets at all or wanted Pedro back in Boston for that kind of money but I hate when teams do that to great starts. Much like what Okajima and Papelbon did to Matsuzaka it pretty much sucks.

: Say NO to A-Rod. Keep Mike Lowell.

: Bill Belichick has reportedly signed an extension through 2013. Good. He is a great coach even if he is going to have to rebuild his reputation.

: Greg Oden is out for the season. Tough loss for Portland. I hope he comes back strong for the 2008-2009 season. It would be a huge shame if he can’t make it back. He comes across as a classy kid.

: Congratulations to Boston College starting the season 3-0. They finally made it to the top 25 where IMO they should have been all along. Also congrats to Michigan for taking out Notre Dame. I love Charlie Wise but I love seeing Regis Philbin freak out even

: Jets lose again. Lets see you blame this one on a video tape Mangini. Maybe you should face the facts. You are just a bad coach of a bad team.

: Congrats to the Phoenix Mercury for winning the WNBA title.

: Congrats to Shawn Johnson for 3 Gold medals at the World Championships. She tied a record for Worlds Gold by American Shannon Miller. (at one competition) Shannon had much harder competition and actually won 3 individual gold medals (Shawn won two and a team medal) but the feat is non the less impressive. Nastia Liukin also won gold on beam tying an overall record of medals with again Shannon Miller. Shannon however won two AA titles against really great competition. Nastia’s medals while impressive are all individually for beam and bars but two medals. Alicia Sacramone also won a team gold, Vault Bronze and Floor silver so congrats to her also.

: Chellsie Memmel was low balled at Nationals.




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3 responses to “Eric Hinske is my new hero, Celtics fans back on bandwagon, Patriots and…

  1. celtic nation?

    come on – there is no such thing


    thanks for the comment

  2. Wouldn’t you think if this had been going on for a long time that one of these players would have blown the whistle if they knew?

    ~~Great point, wish I’d thought of it! And I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it–my husband and most of my family are Colts fans and I can use all the help I can get defending the Pats.

    As for the Red Sox, I won’t go off on a rant here–I’ll save that for my own blog–but they are not a team anymore, they’re a bunch of prima donnas, who care more about their individual egos than for whether the team wins or not. Maybe Mike Lowell needs to start conducting classes in the clubhouse on how to be a team player. Can’t hurt and who knows, it might help.


  3. firedannyainge

    Colts fans? Yuck:) Give me time I can always think of more excuses:)
    Deion Branch is another player that IMO would have really sold the Patriots down the river if he had the chance.

    Thanks for the comments.

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