Patriots Superbowl’s not tainted

Okay Eagles fans and Rams fans. It is time to grasp reality here. The Patriots were accused of cheating against the Jets in a regular season game. That doesn’t mean you get to whine about being cheated years ago. You sound like idiots.

  The Patriots barely won all 3 superbowls. If they were cheating don’t you think they would have blown your teams out? It is time to breath and come back to reality. Your teams were beaten fair and square and you need to stop booing Santa (Philadelphia) or planning your parade before the Superbowl (Rams) and grow up. Fact is the Rams thought they didn’t need to play the game and expected a win and the Eagles were just plain lucky to even make the superbowl. That is why your teams lost.

How do I know for a fact I am right? because now the Detroit Lions are whining they were The worst team in the NFL for a decade thinks we cheated to beat them. Give me a break.;_ylt=AmAcfODG55nMlCKU804TK0g_z7QF

Here is an article with some Eagles whining. Gotta love when teh kicker thinks he was

That being said my favorite line was the one about McNabb getting sick and wondering if that was on “the tape” The first excuse….



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2 responses to “Patriots Superbowl’s not tainted

  1. while i definitely believe that the Patriots deserve their super bowl wins, everybody seems to have the common misconception that being able to cheat means you should win every game by 60. First off, this cheating would have occurred only on offense, which means you defense can still give up points. Secondly, no one knows the extent to which they knew the other teams plays. What if they could only figure out when a team is in cover 2? it’s still cheating, but you won’t win by 60 points because of that.

    I think this particular form of cheating would do stuff like turn a 2 yard loss into an 8 yard gain…stuff like that. it doesn’t just give you 100 points.

  2. firedannyainge

    Thanks for the comments Emmett. While I understand your point the Patriots had great defenses back then and I find it hard to believe we never would have blown out a team to win if we were cheating the entire time. Out of 3 Superbowls at least one would have been a blow out. Even regular season games we got by barely.

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