Red Sox waste perfect opportunity. Youkilis doesn’t like Red Sox fans

  The Red Sox wasted a perfect opportunity tonight to end the Yankees division chance and they blew it. Dice-K was good enough but no one hit for him. They got 3 runs for him which is more then they usually get. In the last 16 games the Red Sox have gotten 2 runs or less for him 12 out of 16 times.

In other news that will make you sick Kevin Youkilis hates Red Sox fans. Here is the article. The next time you spend money to visit the Red Sox on the road remember him and these comments. I will be in Baltimore September 6th and I will make sure Youkilis gets no cheers from me. This is not the first time for his bad attitude (remember his comments when people booed Tavares when he sucked. Youkilis said that he never would have tipped his hat to us . Like we shouldn’t boo someone when they totally suck like Tavares did at the start of the season.



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7 responses to “Red Sox waste perfect opportunity. Youkilis doesn’t like Red Sox fans

  1. Well, the Tavarez response was probably brought on from more raw emotion than conscious thought. But I also didn’t really see anything that negative in the article regarding Youkilis and his opinion on Sox Nation.

    Plus Andy Pettite was a foreseeable thorn in the Red Sox side, always has been – I can’t wait to see them feast on Clemens and the rest. I remain most optimistic.

  2. Oh yeah, and Jada Chamberlain (spelling, sorry Jada):

    Welcome to the rivalry – seems like you’ll fit right in. I have to say, even gave me chills watchin him fire up the crowd. I’m a Sox fan, but I have to respect the enemy – and boy o boy, he could make things interesting.

  3. firedannyainge

    I respect not a single person on the Yankees team. I respect George Steinbrenner and his anything to win attitude. IMO he is a great owner. Or was when he was actually in charge.

    There is nothing optimistic about tonights game so In fact it is a joke. A literal joke.

  4. firedannyainge

    Oh and thanks for the comments:)

  5. Cybrarian

    Some of the Sox players need a BOOT in the BUTT
    Kick start– stop the cryin’

  6. Clay delivered that boot in the butt.

  7. firedannyainge

    That was a fun game and thanks for the comments:)

    I agree with you. Youkilis especially. He whines a lot.

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