Red Sox finally show some heart

     It would be easy to blame Eric Gagne for sucking big time right now and losing us like 4 games but you know what Eric Gagne is not the only problem this team has. When the Starters are amazing the bullpen falls apart. When the bull pen is amazing the starters are horrible and when the starters  and bullpen are both great the hitters don’t show up at all (3 amazing games by Beckett, Matsuzaka and Schilling were all losses because the bats died)

  After last nights blow up by Gagne the hitters barely even gave an effort in the ninth inning and I was questioning this teams heart. Sure Papelbon throws some stuff when he messes up and Beckett looks like he is going to kill someone  when he messes up but IMO I have not seen the effort from this team overall in a long time. They have had some comeback games recently (one in Baltimore and one against the Angels) but when it came down to it I didn’t see the big effort when I needed it until tonight. Tonight this team looked annoyed that they were losing by 5 and the hitters finally showed up when it really mattered thanks to the 4 men that got on base before David Ortiz’s grand slam. David Ortiz for his slam, Schilling for his next inning to keep the lead. Okajima being Okajima, Timlin being Timlin of the 2003 playoffs  and heck even Manny got in on the action by getting a hit and driving in some insurance runs.

 Here is the problem though. Usually when this team shows some heart they don’t show up for the next few games. I question if they can use this game as a stepping stone because I really don’t want to sit through another game where it seems the whole team has quit by the fifth inning. The Yankees are finally beating better teams then Tampa and the lead is down to 5. We need to take 2 out of 3 games in NY at the end of August. PERIOD.


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