Walker robbed at gun point, Troy Brown and other random thoughts

Antoine Walker was robbed at gun point while minding his own business in his own home yet idiots like Dan Lebotard of the Miami Herald think its perfectly fine to make jokes about a horrific situation where someone could have been killed?What the hell is wrong with him?  There is nothing funny about someone having a gun put to their head NOTHING .

Lebetards comments on Pardon the Interruption were disgusting to me and I find it hard to believe that if golden boy Tom Brady or some other rich white sports star had this situation happen to them that these comments would have been made.  I am usually on the other end of the opinion when someone uses race as a reason to why someone is being criticized but in this situation it fits. Dan Lebetard never would have made these comments if some sainted white player was the one robbed at gun point.

Comparing Lebetards comments to those on ESPN pales in comparison (Lebetard basically made light of the situation and made comments that Pat Riley must have had the mask on getting back his money meaning Walker robbed him with his play but silly me for thinking a Professional reporter would be professional) but the people on ESPN should think about getting therapy. Blaming the victim because he spends money that he earned is quite hypocritical. Somehow I bet the people saying Antoine deserved to get robbed wouldn’t feel this way if someone came into their house and put a gun to their family’s head.
Josh Beckett was the winning pitcher in last nights All Star game. Okajima didn’t get to pitch at all and Mike Lowell got a hit. That was pretty much your Red Sox night at the ball park. I usually do not watch Fox baseball but last night I watched the All star game. I kidded around with some friends that we should have  had a drinking game every time Joe Buck or Tim McCarver said the word Yankee we should have taken a  shot of something. I would have been drunk before the game started. The Yankees are in third place in the division with 6 teams ahead of them for the wild card spot but all they talked about all night was A-Rod and the Yankees. It was just plain boring. The only parts I remember besides Ichiro’s in the park homerun was the look on Derek Jeter’s face the entire time he was on the bench. It was an obvious look of disgust at all the attention A-Rod got. Too classic.lol
I guess I should comment on the Ray Allen trade but seriously why bother? I am sure you know by now anything done by Ainge is wrong as far as I am concerned and this situation is no different. Ray Allen is a very good player but he basically plays the same position as Pierce and he pretty much does nothing but shoot the ball. Getting rid of Delonte is no big deal he is a 12th man on a winning team and I won’t miss Wally “takes himself out of games” Sczerbiak but taking on an extra 20 million for a shooting guard who will be like 35 when his contract ends doesn’t make much sense to me. I do feel bad (a little) for Delonte West. When he was on the Celtics the majority of people loved his game and thought he would be a huge piece to title number 17 (hey I never said Celtics fans were bright.lol) but now that he is gone he was a horrible player that won’t be in the league in 3 years. Gotta love those loyal Celtics fans.lol
How happy am I that Troy Brown has resigned with the Patriots? The answer? VERY Happy. Troy Brown is a Patriot.   Seeing him in a different uniform is sacrilegious. Same as it is seeing Willie McGinest, Adam Vina”turncoat”Tieri,  Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law in a different uniforms. It just isn’t right.
Grant Hill just spent 7 years taking millions of dollars from the Orlando Magic that he never actually earned. So what does he do now that he is officially a free agent? He of course goes and signs with a good team. I guess it would be too much  to ask for an NBA player to actually have some loyalty to the team that just paid him 90 million to sit on his butt. Would it have killed Hill to take a discount to maybe give something back to the team that made him rich?
I guess so.
2nd biggest DUMBASS OF THE MONTH….  Danny Ainge is always first on this list so by definition I have to make this award the second dumbass of the month and that person is…

Yi Lianjian of China. He was the 6th pick in last months NBA draft. Why is he a dumbass? because he refuses to play for the team that drafted him and he is trying to make them trade him. Most  players are just happy to be drafted but not Yi LianJian. He somehow thinks he as a rookie has the right to dictate where he will play. My opinion on this. Go back to China. If I was the Bucks I would let him sit out and not trade the spoiled brat anywhere but back to China

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