Celtics now want Jermaine O’Neil? Updated at 7:51 and 8 PM eastern time


Okay let me get this straight. You want Jermaine O’Neil. The same guy that can’t play a full season because he is always hurt? This trade I don’t get. The Celtics getting O’Neil in this deal would likely have to give something big up. I can’t see Kevin McHale getting someone like Gerald Green after giving up Garnett. Come to think of it maybe Paul Pierce is in this deal because I can’t see Al Jefferson’s name being linked with those names. Every team will be getting an All Star except Minnesota. How does Kevin McHale keep his job.?

Sarcasm aside Pierce obviously cannot be involved in this trade because then why need O’Neil.? He couldn’t carry Indiana much further then Pierce carried Boston. Having O’Neil and Pierce is not getting the Celtics past a healthy Miami Heat team or whatever player Detroit decides to add to keep Chauncey Billups so why do it?

I guess this deal all hinges on what the Celtics give up. I bet most people will be fine with giving up Green and the expiring contract of one big waste of a roster space but I personally don’t know how the people in Minnesota are going to not tar and feather Kevin McHale if all they get back in this deal is lint. Somehow I can’t see the 5th pick not going to Minnesota in this deal. Hey at least Danny Ainge will once again be able to say that he helped another team win a title but one of his inept trading fiasco’s

I don’t see Al Jefferson being involved in this deal but Kevin McHale should not even think about doing this deal if he doesn’t get Al Jefferson. Then again when was the last time Kevin McHale actually thought about anything?

Hey if anything Kobe Bryant will be happy.


A- ESPN news says Jefferson , the 5th pick and filler will be in this deal if it happens. They also said Kobe won’t change trade demand even if they get Garnett. Man I hope this deal happens. Ainge will so be fired if it does.

UPDATED at 8 PM- Now the Celtics have gotten out of the trade discussion because they didn’t like what they were getting. It seems no one knows what the hell they are talking about.  According to cnnsi the Celtic were never in the deal  and the discussion was between the Wolves and Lakers now Real GM says they were (after saying they weren’t) but weren’t getting enough back. Right Danny because giving your your never proven anything garbage merits you getting a better player.  I have no real insider and apparently no one else does either. They just keep throwing stuff out there to see it bounce.


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3 responses to “Celtics now want Jermaine O’Neil? Updated at 7:51 and 8 PM eastern time

  1. Man, JO is legit. Yes he has had health problems but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. He can be a dominating and clutch player if he stays healthy. And that’s not really a big ‘if’.

    But giving up Jefferson AND the 5th pick is way too much for JO. One of the two is more reasonable.

    I’d like to see the proposed ESPN deal happen as it’ll mean Lamar Odom gets to be traded for yet another superstar.

  2. firedannyainge

    I know O’Neil is a good player. I had written a part saying that but I must have forgotten it in a 2nd, 3rd or 4th draft of the article. That being said he is always hurt and he would not be an upgrade over Walker when you consider that when the Celtics had a real coach they beat Indiana with Pierce and Walker. O’Neil would not make the Celtics compete for a title and that is the only reason Ainge was brought here.

  3. firedannyainge

    Ron Artest and O’Neil were also on that team that Pierce and Walker beat.

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