Was this whole Kevin Garnett thing just a smoke screen?

Here is the original thread I made a few minutes ago. Please read it


Now I have another theory. Earlier today Ric Bucher (who I cannot stand) was on the radio talking about how there was next to no truth at all about the Shawn Marion to Boston rumors. He said that it was the Celtics that leaked out the trade discussions. He made the comments that this is what the Celtics do almost coming out and saying that Danny makes stuff up all the time. That was at least my impression by the tone and smile on his face. Well could it be that Danny only acquired about KG so that Pierce would think he is at least trying to get him some help.? I personally wouldn’t put it past that liar.

He kind of backed himself into a corner when he said that he was getting pieces to get a veteran (something he NEVER said until recently when the team became unwatchable)

This is an idea I guess but for me personally I think Ainge is getting desperate. Then again maybe that is my wishful thinking on my part.

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