Curt Schilling pitches 1 hit gem. Damn that Shannon Stewert.

Curts one hitter    I don’t usually sit through all of a Red Sox game. I am always to nervous but today while I played with my 6th month old niece I put on the game and never shut it off. Schilling had a no hitter through the very last batter (hence the damn Shannon Stewert above) My stomach was doing double layouts with full twists (much worse then flip flops) until the hit.

Anyway we got the win and I was pretty much on the edge of my seat until the game ended (It was a 1-0 win and the win was in jeaopardy until the end) the most impressive thing about this game was not the possible no hitter or even the could be perfect game (I wasn’t sure if Lugo’s error counted against Schilling getting a perfect game or not) but it was the comments Curt made after the game. He said he was not concerned with losing the no hitter but only concerned with teh win. THAT is why Schilling deserves a contract extension. This isn’t a case of saying the right thing by a pitcher. Schilling didn’t have time for that. His interview happened seconds after the game was over. It was just Curt being Curt which is why I will always be a fan. (unless of course he ends up in NY then he gets hated.:)


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3 responses to “Curt Schilling pitches 1 hit gem. Damn that Shannon Stewert.

  1. electricmetal5

    Deep down inside he has to be cursing Shannon Stewart. No walks and a near No-No…impressive in my book.

  2. firedannyainge

    It was a great game. I enjoyed it I just wish stupid NY would have been put in their place and it could have been a no hitter.

  3. 7lenny7

    The 1st game I missed this year. The near no-no by the aging wonder Curt Shilling,awesome pitching. The reason I missed this game was I was in Lowell to watch my grand-daughter pitch for Stoneham H.S. vs. Tewksbury H.S. in Div 2 semi-final game -softball. All she did was pitch a no-run no -hitter to win 5-0, and advance to the championship final in North Div. 2. It will be easy for me to remember Curt’s near no-no, for she accomplished what he could not. She is only a sophmore, and has an awesome career ahead of her..

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