Celtics tank at lottery. Are Ainge and Doc going to cry?

Last night was classic. Like most people in Boston I was watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees. The Celtics lottery was in the back of my mind until that final strike out by Papelbon. When I tuned into the news I saw the lottery results and could not help but smile. Not a smile of happiness but a smile of ironic proportions. All I could think was “Will this finally be the final nail in Danny Ainge’s coffin” Will someone in the Celtic organization finally stop drinking the koolaid and send Ainge packing.? That question remains to be seen but the looks on the faces of the owners, Ainge and Doc Rivers during the replay was truly a work of art. All 4 people knowing that their losing games of purpose and putting this town through the worst season in Boston’s basketball history (not be record but by inept play all around) was for nothing.

Doc Rivers saw his coaching job slide into the Atlantic Ocean faster then a Wakefield knuckleball(not division though I could call it that) He literally looked like he was crying. Danny, Wyc and Steve Pagliuca had the exact same look on their face as did the fans they showed on TV. Complete shock and despair. It was great. Sure I would have loved Oden but not this way. The Celtics are supposed to be better then cheating to win. This was karma. Not only for Boston but for Memphis who also tanked games for a better shot at the lottery. Personally I was hoping Philly or Atlanta would get the top 2 picks because they never quit this year but Portland didn’t quit either so I hope someone in that organization finally does something right for their fans.


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