I, I, I , I agree with Bill Simmons? What am I drinking? PLUS….


Rumor has it

(according to a blog) that Torre will be fired if the Mets sweep the Yankees. Does this mean I have to hope they win a game so he stays managing? His mishandling the bull pen is my favorite part of the Red Sox Yankee games:)


GREAT game by Julian Tavares yesterday. I wish he got more credit for it. Also congrats to Eric Hinske (even though I hated you in Toronto:) for that catch and homerun to win the game.


I almost NEVER agree with Simmons. He changes his opinion like most people change their underwear but his latest article had a great point in it about Danny Ainge, Wyc, Doc and company acting like everything is alright. They are not upset at all about the last two season and they keep giving interviews down playing the problems the Celtics have as a team. In fact they act like the team has no problems at all. Its insane. What is even more insane is that not one single media person has a problem at all with the Celtics 2006-07 season. It feels like I moved out of Boston and into Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Here is the article and comments he made are below it.


Bill Simmons comments

Wyc, Danny, Doc … you guys all need to shut your traps. Seriously. Stop giving interviews. Stop telling your disgruntled fan base that you could have made the playoffs if not for so many injuries. Stop raving about your fantastic young nucleus of players and how they’re in such high demand. Stop talking about Doc’s great coaching when he won 56 games in two seasons. Stop sounding so freaking smug about everything. Just stop. Don’t say another word until May 23. And if you don’t start showing some humility and urgency about what happened the past two seasons, and you don’t start recognizing that your fans are legitimately concerned that none of you have any idea what you’re doing, here’s what will happen: you’re going to get written off by the majority of your entire fan base (basically, everyone with an IQ better than 80) until all three of you are gone.

It happened to Jeremy Jacobs, Harry Sinden and the Bruins; it’s going to happen to you. You’ve reached that do-or-die point with your fans and season-ticket holders — trust me, I’m getting the e-mails every day — and the fact that none of you realize it is more disturbing than anything. So stop talking. Wait to see what happens with the Ping-Pong balls next Tuesday. You have to believe me, I’m speaking for just about everyone who loves your team. The lack of humility and urgency after two straight crappy seasons has been appalling. I can’t emphasize that strongly enough.

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One response to “I, I, I , I agree with Bill Simmons? What am I drinking? PLUS….

  1. Rob Mo

    I agree Simmons can be fickle, but he’s usually relative with his opinions. As in, right now he’s saying J.D. Drew isn’t playing like he should for all the money he’s making, but when (if) he gets hot, Simmons will be saying that now he is earning it. Good post no matter what, keep it up bud.

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