Contract extention for Doc? Danny needs a scapegoat. Red Sox win 2-1 for Tavares

Contract extention for Doc Rivers.? 24 wins a season and he gets another year? Is it really bad of me to rather have Isiah Thomas as the GM then Ainge? Ok I am kidding but the only reasoning I have for this is Danny needs a scapegoat to use next season when the team only wins 33-35 games again. Either way makes me sick.

Congrats to Tavares getting a win today. He has to be amazing to get a win I guess because the Sox never seem to hit for him enough for him which is why I am very happy he won today. He has not pitched that badly and should have at least 4 or 5 wins by now. Tonight Schilling goes.

I bought tickets from ace tickets to see Dave Roberts and now he is hurt. Is it wrong of me to hope Barry Bonds can pass the homerun record around June 15th so I can sell these tickets? I am so dissapointed.

Still have no fast internet but I am borrowing a computer today and writing a blog of potporri.

The Herald is a tabloid and their NBA/ Celtics writers are horrible and biased and petty and just plain horrible at their job. Steve Bulpett is so being paid by Danny Ainge to kiss his butt. He makes Bob Ryan look fair and grounded.

Clemens is a Yankee. I hope that back fires. His age should catch up with him but I bet it won’t against us. He can’t save that team when Mussina and Wang have been so bad this year. Rivera with a 14 plus era is just plain weird. I never thought I would see that.

Why is it now that I can blog I can’t think of anything to say?:)

Did I mention Danny Ainge is an idiot? I feel like I should keep saying it over and over again so some moron in the Celtics organization will hear me and do something about what is going on. I think I might have better luck rooting for Bill Gates to buy the team since its obvious the only way this will change is when Wyc Grousbecks father makes him sell the team but who will be dumb enough to spend over 300 million for this team in the current state? No way daddy Grousbeck sells this team for less then a profit.


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