Coco Crisp, Tek, Hideki Okajima, Snyder and Cora big heroes of the night.

I am sure you know the story. The Red Sox scored 5 runs in the 8th off Mariano Rivera to beat the Yankees in 9 innings. It was an amazing win. My heart was in my stomach. Of course I had written them off earlier in the game when Schilling could not find the plate and Papi could not find the bases. Then like the blink of an eye everything changed. Snyder got someone out with the bases loaded (Hero number one) and the rest is a blur. It was like playoff baseball all over again. I couldn’t be more thrilled for Coco’s part in this win. Last year he got booed at Fenway unfairly I might add with Damon in the park and there was something very wrong about that. Tonight Coco got several big hits and its safe to say he won’t be booed for awhile. Damon was back to being useless at the plate. lets hope the traitor stays that way.

Random thoughts

Best part of the game for me was Hideki Okajima and Matsuzaka’s reactions to closing the game out with a win.

Curt Schilling owes every above player a big thank you for saving his butt.

My only problem of the night was the umpires. They were horrible.

A-rod hitting big except when it mattered was classic.

Meyers not being able to get out Ortiz the only reason the Yankees got him was priceless.

I love Alex Cora and I apolagize for always calling him Joey without thinking:)

I am sick of dumbass questions about how wonderful the Yankees are from Tina Cervasio. and ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. All night long their websites made fun of us and had pictures of A-Rod and his hitting but when we come back they don’t even change the picture. I am sorry but their biased attitude should not be having games with their dumbass biased commentators if they can’t be fair.

BIG PROPS to Kyle Snyders pitching. He will be the forgotten one with tonights heroics.

Please excuse the spelling mistakes I am just so


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