Random thoughts, Evil Empire, Antoine Walker etc..

I will start with Antoine Walker. It has been four years since he was first traded away from the Celtics. He was traded back here for a few months in 2005 but after helping the team to the Atlantic title (now known as the Titanic title) he was not offered a contract and he went on his way to Miami (sign and trade. Pretty much the only classy thing Wyc Grousbecks tenure has ever done.) Here we are an NBA title (for the Heat) and two seasons removed and the “Celtics fans”
have nothing better to do then attack the player bringing in the only title this team has won in the last 15 years. Ok so a division title means nothing in the era of World Series and Superbowl wins but you would think some people would show the guy an ounce of respect for the integrity, pride and competition he brought to the Celtics.
In a season where the Celtics lost 18 in a row and have the worst record in the East the only thing Celtics fans can bring to the table is disdain for the only guy since Larry Bird that truly knew what being a Celtic was all about. I can tell you right now Antoine Walker would never lose games on purpose for a bigger pay check or promise for more playing time. He would never quit on a team or fake an injury because he has too much respect for the game. Too much pride for the game.

Was Walker a perfect player? Not by any means but I would rather have 12 guys on my team that don’t quit. 12 guys that would play through an injury rather then milk it for all its worth any day of the week.

The Celtics season has been so bad that the “fans” now have nothing better to do then criticize a guy that hasn’t played here in two years. All because the Celtics actually won a game on the road ( against the third string Miami Heat players) What does that say about Celtics “fans” Something to think about.


The Evil Empire comes to town tomorrow. (today I should say. It’s am) and we are lucky enough to have our three best pitchers on the mound. (Schilling, Beckett and then Matsuzaka) After taking 2 of 3 from the best team in our division this year (second best team now:) we better sweep the Yankees. It is now time for pay back. After last year I don’t want to hear any excuses. We should win all 3 games of this series. We have the best pitching. We have the best closer so far of 2007 and we have the hitting (What better time then now for David Ortiz’s hitting to wake up?) as Nike says, Just do it.


Anyone else getting a kick out of A-Rod lately? Ok maybe a kick out of him isn’t the right words. I don’t know maybe it is me but with every walk off home run by Alex I can’t help but wonder if he is saying… “To hell with you Yankee fans. To hell with you NY. Next year I am going to be hitting like this for someone else” Not that I want him to win any games for the Evil Empire. IMO once a Yankee always a Yankee but a little bit inside of me can’t help but hope his inspired play means just that. He will forever be gone and I won’t have to look at his phony smile again:)


The Playoffs for the NBA start Saturday and I just want to wish the ex Celtics players best of the luck in the playoffs so good luck Miami and Orlando. A special extra good luck to the Golden state warriors. Take out those smug Dallas Mavericks in the first round. It would truly make my month:)




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2 responses to “Random thoughts, Evil Empire, Antoine Walker etc..

  1. hammertime11790

    Even though I dont agree with your thoughts on the Celtics, Doc, Big Al, and Ainge usually, I agree with you on Antoine. Antoine gave his all for the Celts in my opinion, bled green, and really wanted to win here. He wasnt a great player, but he was a very good one, and was a leader, and one of the most underapreciated players in the NBA.

  2. firedannyainge

    I approved all 3 of your posts Hammertime but only one showed up. It says it is approved so I am not sure why they aren’t here. Maybe they will show up later.

    My comments to you are this. I am not debating the 3.5 months Al Jefferson finally worked to show his talent. What I am debating is a player that could collect a million plus dollars and not have the heart to compete for the money he is getting. This type of stuff (see Manny being Manny) does not go over well in Boston but no one seems to have a problem with the Celtics players doing this. I guess I just don’t get the free pass.

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