Celtics Officially eliminated from playoffs and Doc for more years?

Officially Eliminated was a for gone conclusion. That should be enough said but according to the Boston Herald Danny Ainge is going to give Doc Rivers an extension. The same Doc Rivers that couldn’t call a time out when he was losing game 7 in the playoffs back in 2005 to stop one of several Pacer runs. A series we would have won in less then 6 games if we had a coach with an ounce of basketball IQ running through his tiny little brain (Think Jim O’Brien and beating this SAME Pacer team back in 2003) This is also the same Doc Rivers that can’t teach Gerald Green (TWO YEARS in the NBA) where to stand during a play in the middle of an actual NBA Game. He actually had to walk on the court and put him in position the other night.

I am so mad right now I feel like my heart is going to come running out of my body any second now. This move makes NO SENSE.

Doc might not be to blame for the so called injuries to the team this year but for the love of God did Danny Ainge not pay attention to the previous years before that? You can only sell potential to the bodies in the Fleetcenter (Larry Bird=Garden) every night for so long right? If it wasn’t for the success of the marketing team selling really cheap ticket packets and hats something might change but until Ike Grousbeck loses money the Celtics fans are going to have to except the mediocrity that is. Think about that the next time you pay to go see the Boston Celtics play.



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3 responses to “Celtics Officially eliminated from playoffs and Doc for more years?

  1. Ainge is probably like that kid in grade school that keeps on eating the Play-Doh even though you keep telling them no…. it’s funny for a while… then it’s just sad…. (then it gets a bit funny again…then back to sad finally….)

  2. yourblankfile

    I believe that Doc can do more good next season when we are looking at getting a Durant or Oden. As much as I agree with the comment on Green, I think that may say more about Green’s ability to learn or be coached since Doc is one of the better teaching coaches in all of the NBA. And considering the Celts are looking more like a freshman varsity (Sometimes J.V.) team in high school, I think it’s better that he stays and works with the kids rather than some loud mouth come in here and ruin their psyche

  3. firedannyainge

    Thanks for the comments. There are many great player coaches out there IMO we could find one to help the kids if we intend on keeping them all. One of two things happens next year. Either we go all young and trade Paul Pierce or we trade the kids and get Pierce some help. I think by now everyone knows players with experience win NBA titles. Danny Ainge said winning playoff rounds was not enough well IMO tanking and the lottery is more then one step down from that.

    Again Thanks for the comments.

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