The whore is at it again. Tek’s wife tells RedSox Nation to calm the f*** down

John Farrell is f****** up the Red Sox daily and some fans started a #FireFarrell tweet and this is what Tek’s whore wife tweeted. You hear that Red Sox fans you aren’t allowed an opinion because the current wife of an ex player says so.

Remember this woman whored herself to the Yankees and when they finally sent her packing she chased after the Red Sox players and viola, recently divorced Tek like most stupid men thought sex was love.

Rumor is all the other wives can’t stand her. At the celebrating the 2004 team last year they openly kept away from her because they can’t stand her. While the wives were all talking Catherine was sitting on Teks lap because everyone else didn’t want her toxic attitude around.


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Rondo blows off game and majority of Boston media refuses to report it.

Rondo doesn’t show up for a game

Don’t go to ESPN Boston to find this information. It wasn’t news to them. ? Nope they didn’t report it either. Apparently a player NOT showing up for a game isn’t big news to the media or news at all.

Rajon Rondo played in a game vs the Lakers and then didn’t show up to play the Kings the next night.

He never had permission to skip the game ( He doesn’t play in back to back games) and apparently is such a big part of the team that no one realized he wasn’t on the plane ride to Sacramento oh and to top this all off, Danny Ainge doesn’t care. Its not a big deal. They might talk to him.

I am going to try this tomorrow at work and see if I still have a job. When my boss calls me I am going to say, well I didn’t plan on doing any work anyway so I just stayed home and see if that fly’s.

The Whiny Boston media had a huge issues with Tim Thomas skipping a visit to the White House because the state is full of Liberal nut cases who like giving all their tax money to illegal aliens and lazy fat people who refuse to get a job but when the spoiled millionaire decides not to show up for work that doesn’t even get a mention?

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John Farrell robbed of Manager of the year honors

John Farrell robbed of Manager of the year honors

I was not in favor of getting John Farrell in the off season. I didn’t think he would be any better than Francona considering he is his mini me but I was proven wrong when John Farrell took a bunch of lost guy misfits and turned them into World Series Champions.

Farrell has the best record in baseball tied with Mike Matheny of the Cardinals ( who wasn’t even in the running for the award which is also a travesty.) but he did it playing 19 games a year vs the AL East, easily the best division in baseball.
4 of the 5 teams were in the playoff hunt til the last month of the season.

Francona only made the playoffs because he finished the season playing games vs the Houston Astros, Twins and Chicago White Sox. 3 of the worst teams in baseball.

Farrell finished the season playing the Yankees, Orioles, Rays, Tigers and Blue Jays. Some of these teams might not have had the greatest teams but they always play the Red Sox like it is the World Series where they sit and die when playing anyone else.

I always thought Terry Francona got robbed in the Manager of the year debate back in the day because he managed for Boston and the media has this bias against them (Jacoby can’t win MVP because his team didn’t make the playoffs yet A-Rod can win it playing for the worst team in baseball. Not logical at all) and now because of that bias Farrell was robbed of the award by blatant cheating and Francona benefitted not because he deserved it but because he used to manage here. If he never came to Boston these same idiots would not have voted for him at all.

Here is who voted for who.

Here is what stands out.

Asuka Iinuma Brown and Christina Kahrl from didn’t vote for Farrell at all. Asuka didn’t vote for Francona either but Christina voted for Francona first.

Tim Cowlishaw from Dallas Morning News voted Francona first and Farrell third. Sheldon Ocker from the Akron Beacon Journal, Brian Golden from the Antelope Valley Press and Andy McCullough from the Newark Star Ledger did the same.

Anyone else that voted for Francona first voted Farrell second except the two people who left Farrell off the ballot altogether.

George King from the New York Post was the only person besides Asuka who didn’t vote for Francona at all.

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November 13, 2013 · 1:58 am

I was right:)

Funny Picture

I am so giddy right now I just want to gloat. Gloat, gloat, gloat:P


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and his no trade clause have been traded to the NJ Nets for Kim Kardashian’s ex, 30 million dollars and a bunch of draft picks in (14, 16 and 18)

Never been a Pierce fan but what I find the best about all of this is the last hour or two this has been officially unofficial Kevin Garnett was trending on twitter but Pierce wasn’t:)


So beloved.


Oh and even better is the fact that no one is disgusted at this trade because the Celtics traded Pierce to the Nets to play for Jason Kidd.


Not a single person I talked to knows why this should disgust REAL Celtics fans. This pretty much proves that when I call all Celtics fans bandwagon I have proof now they are.

No one remembers before 2008 because none of these people WATCHED THE TEAM.

So if ANYONE can tell me why seeing Pierce in a Nets shirt being coached by JASON FUCKING KIDD should make every Celtic fan want to go slap Danny Ainge in the face I’ll give you a, well I’ll give you nothing. I just want someone to fucking understand why it is this should make your skin crawl?

Someone has to be a real fan of this team? ANYONE? The idiots on twitter don’t understand.

Did I mention I was right? 🙂

You’re still here. Oh you’re waiting to find out why this should make you ill. Well to bad. If you were a real Celtic fan you would know why this should piss you off and WTF I am talking about. Go look it up.



I said it years ago and was mocked. I was right:)

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9 minutes

The Celtics showed up for exactly 9 minutes in game 6 vs the Knicks and people are giving them credit for not giving up.


So let me get this straight, showing up for 9 MINUTES in a game gets you props? Shooting 2-14 and ending 4-18 and going 1-9 on three’s gets you credit? 5 turnover and 4 assists is the line and you get praised?


What fucking city do I live in? This isn’t Boston. Boston doesn’t call playing 9 minutes of the 4th quarter an effort and we don’t let losing to a NY team ever be acceptable so why the hell does Ainge and Rivers still have jobs?

Explain it to me because if the Red Sox had done this all hell would have broken loose.


I don’t get this city anymore.

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Ignorant comment by Tek’s new whore wife

This women is a real piece of work.

Seriously? Who the hell does she think she is? She is the second wife of an ex player that hasn’t been here in a year yet she thinks this quote on twitter is okay for her to write?

Catherine Varitek ‏@CatherinVaritek

This team is about to get back to serious business. Welcome back Pedro. #RedSox

What, now she speaks for the team/

God I hate this women and if she continues to make comments like this I think the rest of the world will wake up to this gold digger.

By saying this team is about to get back to business implies it hasn’t been trying the last few years. Yes we have been sucking but I’ll be damned if Dustin Pedroia hasn’t been giving it 110% the last few years. Or most anyone else on this team not named Josh Beckett. Even Adrian Gonzalez gave it 99% unless he was running to 1st base.

“Welcome back Pedro” Um hello, YOU WEREN’T HERE LAST TIME PEDRO WAS HERE, you were too bush chasing and whoring yourself out to Yankee players to give a crap about Boston.

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I bet you feel stupid now don’t you Youkilis fans????

It’s official pending a physical, Youkilis has decided to become a Yankee. Color me shocked, NOT.

I told you he was finishing his charity events in Boston and then would sign with the Yankees and the second he left Boston, using all of you to make money for his charity and his so called good name he ran straight to the evil empire.

I hate the guy. I always have and I always will so for me this just gives me another reason to call him names but everyone of you that made excuses for him through the years every time he did or said something stupid. YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE. I hope you feel betrayed, you should. I hope you feel stupid when you cheered him last year while he blowed kisses at you and pounded his heart like you meant something to him because this signing with NY proves he never meant a word of what he said.

I don’t know why him signing with the Yankees pisses me off so much but I think it has something to do with my blind love of the 2004 team and somewhat the 2007 team and how the mighty have fallen, especially that 2004 team.

Doug Mientkiewicz (OMG I had to look up how to spell that.) Mark Bellhorn, Johnny Damon, Alan Embree, Mike Meyers even Derek Lowe, none of them understood what it meant to us fans to break that curse. They couldn’t wait to go play for New York and jumped at the first chance they got. They didn’t care what we as fans had gone through the last 86 years, they only cared about playing for the Yankees. You can add the name Kevin Youkilis to that list.

Funny how Yankee players never seem to come to Boston. At least not the big names. Mariano Rivera gave respect for our interest last year but said no. He never even thought about it but Johnny Damon, Kevin Youkilis. Nope they just never cared about playing for the Red Sox. It meant NOTHING to them.

David Ortiz might not have been a Yankee but when he told ESPN last year he wanted to go to the Yankees because he was sick of all the drama, that was the beginning of the end for me. Everything he has done for this city, this team and even things he has said have all been erased because I know now he never meant a word of what he said. It was all a lie.

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